Our main Primary Target is  Philippines 


Station Format: 

Hot Adult Contemporary" a mix of current popular hits, such as those found on Top-40 stations, and unobtrusive pop and light-rock hits from the past thirty years, such as those usually played on regular AC stations.

"Modern Adult Contemporary" stations take this concept one step further in that they play a mix of older pop hits with current "Alternative Rock" or "Modern Rock" hits.

Both Hot AC and Modern AC stations cater to a younger audience then regular AC station

Age Group 15-35

Hours of Streaming: 24/7 hours 

Station Info:

We At Monsterous Radio offer you the Top CHR Top 40 music live International and around the World We are not a Pirate Radio we are Fully Licence bye SOCAN Under Licence 22F And covered under the Copy Right Law.

We request via facebook and twitter and mobile and emails.

Twitter: @monsterousradio

Facebook: https:https://www.facebook.com/monsterousradio/

Request Lines: Mobile 1-778-239-8220


Listen & Win

Monster Top 20 Feb 11, 2018


20. Hailee Steinfeld & Alesso 
(ft.FGL & Watt) 
Let Me Go
19. Max 9 (ft. Gnash)
Lights Down Low
18. Demi Lovato 
Sorry Not Sorry
17. The Weeknd 
Die For You
16. Maroon 5 
(ft. SZA) 
What Lovers Do



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good evening you can send in your request via shout box we just changed our format so let us know what you think

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