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Levine: I still argue with bandmates


Adam Levine and his bandmates still get into heated arguments, but he insists that just shows they care
An Adam Levine fan had a very "confused" response when he woke her up having an argument.
The star is part of Maroon 5 alongside Jesse Carmichael, Mickey Madden, James Valentine, Matt Flynn, and PJ Morton. They are gearing up for the release of their new album V, with their last record Overexposed out in 2012. Promoting their latest material has made the group reminisce about their last round of press, with Adam and James admitting tempers became frayed.
"We had a huge fight... It was brutal," Adam recalled to BBC.
James expanded: "That argument was amazing. We were having this screaming match in the hallway of the Roosevelt Hotel and this woman came out of her room angrily, to complain because it was late at night. The she recognised Adam and had a very confused response. She was all ready to yell at us for making noise and then she went, 'Oh, hey, I love you on The Voice!'"
The band are close, but they do still row on many occasions. The arguments have become less frequent than in the past, but both Adam and James agree they are actually a good thing.
"I think we've learnt how to deal with stuff a little more diplomatically, but I've been in a band with him for almost 15 years, and he's been with some of these other guys for the last over 20 years. So stuff comes up," James explained.
Adam reminisced about other areas of the group's career too, including fighting off claims they were a boyband when they started out. The singer thinks that came about because their songs have pop and R&B influences, although it still irritates him.
"It's weird because, to me, the thing that made a boy band a boy band was they didn't play any instruments and they choreographed their dance moves," he said. "If you don't do that, you're not a boy band. Even Hanson - they're a band. They were young, but they were just dudes who played in a band. A boy band is the headsets and the sparkly stuff and all those things."
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Monster Top 20 Jan 13th, 2019


20. Calvin Harris & Sam Smith -
19. Bebe Rexha -
I'm A Mess
18. Ellie Goulding & Diplo  (ft.Swae Lee) -
Close To Me
17. Mark Ronson (ft.Miley Cyrus) -
Nothing Breaks Like A Heart
16. The Chainsmokers (ft. K Ballerini) -
This Feeling



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