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Paris Jackson 'has no issues with grandmother'


Paris Jackson does not have a strained relationship with her family
Paris Jackson is 'closer than ever' to her grandmother and siblings.
The 16-year-old daughter of Michael Jackson reportedly attempted suicide last year, swallowing 20 Motrin PM pills and cutting her wrists. She was apparently sent to boarding school in Utah to recover but is now back home for a summer vacation.
Despite reports that the teenager was spending time with a rumoured boyfriend and avoiding her relatives, Paris remains close with her grandmother Katherine and siblings Prince and Blanket.
'Paris has no issues with Katherine, and is getting along quite well with her,' and insider told RadarOnline.
Katherine was given full custody of Paris and her brothers when their father died in 2009. It was temporarily suspended in 2012 but resumed with cousin T.J. Jackson added as co-guardian.
'As for Prince and Blanket, there is no truth to claims she is estranged from them either,' the source continued. 'Prince does indeed spend a lot of time with his girlfriend, but that is just his life as a normal teenager.'
The male companion Paris was recently spotted with in Los Angeles is apparently a 'very good friend', the source added to the outlet, while another source told TMZ that doctors treating the teen 'told her she needs to create a family support system'.
Meanwhile, Paris' mother Debbie Rowe has visitation rights. According to an insider who spoke with Radar, Paris has a 'good relationship' with her mother.
A recent article suggested the family would like Paris to remain at the boarding school for a while longer. There is also talk that she will live with Debbie when she leaves the school but nothing has been confirmed at this time.

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Monster Top 20 Feb 11, 2018


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(ft.FGL & Watt) 
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19. Max 9 (ft. Gnash)
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