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Download Taio Cruz - Dont You Dare M4A AAC MP3 ITunes New Music Release August 2014


So Taio Cruz is back and he wants to make a dent this time in the music universe as he releases new music Dont You Dare.

Now he had a lot of luck in his first few tracks early in his career, like Break Your Heart and Dynamite.

He was so huge, then in 2011 he released Hangover and then Fast Car. But his career is slowly declining but just because US is so hateful of Taio.

Now he returns and he is asking the help of Dr Luke for this track called Dont You Dare. Mind you, this song sounds like country slash dance anthems of AVICII which went big.

But sadly this is a stock track that has been rehashed and Taio is so late in the game, this country meets dance thing is so 2013.

The track will be available on August 2014 on iTunes.

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