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Company Profile

Monsterous Radio is YOUR radio, the radio of the future, now playing. It’s your link to a dynamic audience that motivates any business, event or promotion! It brings FM music programming online and adding it up with more genres not possible to any FM stations.

One of the most unique trademarks of Monsterous Radio is its programming ability to infuse a variety of diverse shows into its regular CHR format giving advertisers the option to select their preferred niche to custom fit their product. Monsterous Radio has a wide range of special shows which include pop, alternative rock, classic rock, house, jazz, R&B, hip-hop, OPM tracks and much more. Our station offers listeners the opportunity to tune into a variety genres, attracting a large and diverse audience.   Keeping with its tagline and promise “Playin’ Your Favorite Monster Hits”, Monsterous Radio prides itself with its 24/7 programming, playing hits from 60s to soon to be hits, from contemporary music to hardcore rock. That is everybody’s favourite hits.

Besides through its website, Monsterous Radio is visible on the web through most social networks. But aside from social web presence, Monsterous Radio has first to deploy social radio. Monsterous Radio is not just in Monsterousradio.com but you can hear it also in other websites, our music is available in other websites as their inhouse radio stream. You increase your opportunity to capture a broader audience when we strive to optimize our visibility – a clear win-win situation!.

You need to reach the right customer through your advertising and you can do that through Monsterous Radio. Our average listeners are intelligent, educated, savvy, professionals, who make educated decisions on products and services they wish to purchase.

Always on the go, our listeners often access our services through mobile devices. This means that advertisers on our website are given more access to our listener in more places at more times in a day than on air advertising alone. Monsterous Radio offers you a powerful branding opportunity that you want to take advantage of.


Cebu City Philippines info@monsterousradio.com  |  website: http://www.monsterousradio.com

Listener Profile

Age range:

18-24 3/4 of total browsers 25-34 1/4 of total browsers

Browsing Location:

home 1/3 of total browsers work 2/3 of total browsers


male 40% female 60%

Browsing device:

web 80% mobile 20%


College 80% Graduate school 20% of the 80